We are a creative media collaboration. A weird oscillating chorus of personalities transmitting our unique signal to your dimension.  

Escape the Ordinary…

We find ourselves here far away from our underwater world at the crossroad of reality and imagination deep in the heart of the Apsu-Perverse, marooned here long ago forsaken and forgotten. Every day we continue our ancient rites on the Stellar Path and wait for an end to our exile.


Meanwhile, we create genre-bending projects that seek to question, inspire and entertain thru eclectic storytelling-audio that chronicles Mars Numan’s adventures with reality and other experiences usually from the point of view of the 12 main personalities of these stories. We venture the full mosaic of musical and artistic expression including Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Cinematic, Experimental or whatever the story dictates. Some of Ultramonk 9’s productions are used to chant our own stories but others we license or sell to help others tell theirs.


Masks are liberating. Masks are sexy. We were made to teach and share with those who will listen to the celestial secret of the 4 faces of the Ultramonk and the use of the 12 masks of power on the Stellar Path. We challenge those of you that see to open your mind and journey within this universal man to discover your vast potential.


No one is ever as bold or as true as when they are masked and uninhibited by appearances...

Current Release: NEVER ENOUGH

Previous Release: IN LOVE

Previous Release: FREE

Previous Release: ONCE INNOCENT

Current Release: AIN'T EASY BEING MEan

The Ultramonk 9 Cast

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